Sportsmanship Policies and Expectations

Team Sportsmanship Policies and Expectations

Teams and coaching staffs are held responsible for the actions and sportsmanship of their players, staff, managers, and their spectators.   We hope that all enjoy the competition and competitive spirit of the matches with good sportsmanship. 

Coaches and players should have all communication with referees and tournament staff in a professional manner.  Spectators should not berate, insult, or confront referees, any players on the field, or tournament staff.  Infringements will result in a tiering of actions.

If appropriate behavior can’t be maintained, games may be delayed with coaches asked to control their sidelines, games may be canceled and recorded as a tie, games may be forfeited and recorded as a win/ loss, and teams could be removed from the tournament. 

Referees and referee coordinators are not to be confronted.  Any concerns may be addressed with tournament directors and headquarters.  Only team staff (coaches, directors, managers) are allowed to address team, game, or tournament issues with the tournament directors at headquarters.