Interested/ Applied Teams

2022 Copa Rayados Internacional Teams 
The 2022 teams will be announced on a rolling basis.   Houston based teams will be announced in late August.  All interested teams should apply early for the best opportunities of acceptance.  
Early and Discounted Registration Deadline is July 20 
The interested teams and applied teams list is below and updated weekly.  Teams that have applied but not yet listed, will be updated soon.  
To receive updates and info and be on the "interested teams list" : 

Teams that are ready to apply to the tournament should use the links for the applications and those will be processed as well and will be added to this list. 

Interested International Programs/ Clubs            Age Groups                      
CF Monterrey Rayados (Mexico): LIGAMX Under 11,12,13,14,15
Club Leon (Mexico)   LIGAMX Under 13, 14
CF Pachuca (Mexico) LIGAMX  Under 13, 14
Futbol Consultants (Costa Rica) Under 12,13,14
Destiny Soccer Academy (Nigeria)  Under 15
ABC Academy (Colombia) TBD
Academia O (Mexico) Under 9,10,11,12,13
Coras FC (Mexico) Under 12,13,16
Prepa Tec ITESM (Mexico)  Under 15,16,17, 19 
CEFUCA (Mexico) Under 14
Chivas San Pedro (Mexico) TBD
Academia Futbol Pumas (Honduras) Under 9, 10, 14,16,19
Nido Aguilas Valle de Chalco (Mexico) TBD
Rayados Rio la Silla (Mexico) TBD/ U16
Coyotes Texcoco (Mexico) Under 19
Escuela Oficial Rayados NC (Mexico) TBD
Iniciativa 7 (Mexico) TBD

Teams List

Under 19 Under 17 Under 16 Under 15  Under 14  Under 13  Under 12 Under 11 Under 10  Under 9 

Prepa Tec ITESM (MX)

Prepa Tec ITESM (MX) Prepa Tec ITESM (MX) Monterrey Rayados LigaMX (MX) Monterrey Rayados LigaMX (MX)

Monterrey Rayados LigaMX (MX)

Monterrey Rayados LigaMX  (MX)

Monterrey Rayados LigaMX (MX)  Academia O (MX) Academia O (MX)
Players Soccer Academy 1 (NV)  Eastern Washington Surf (WA)  Coras FC (MX)  Destin Soccer Academy (Nigeria)  Club Leon LigaMX (MX) Club Leon LigaMX  (MX) Austin FC MLS (TXS) Academia O (MX) Barca Academy Pro Miami (FL) Academia Futbol Pumas (MX)
El Paso Surf 04 (TX) Deportivo Catalan (IL) Downtown Las Vegas SC (NV) Prepa Tec ITESM (MX) Austin FC MLS (TXS) Austin FC MLS (TXS)  Futbol Consultants (Costa Rica)  Barca Academy Pro Miami (FL) Rayos 13 (TXN)  
Academia Futbol Pumas (MX) San Antonio FC MLS Next (TX)

Avina CDF Rojo Jalisco (MX)

Copa Mazatlan Champions

LigaMX Mazatlan FC (MX) 

Copa Mazatlan Champions 

Pachuca FC LigaMX (MX) Pachuca FC LigaMX (MX) San Antonio FC (TX)    Lakeshore Fute Academy (IN)  
      San Antonio FC MLS Next)  Inter Miami MLS (FL) Inter Miami MLS (FL) SoCal Elite FC 2011 (CA)      
PSL Hurricanes SC (FL)  PSL Hurricanes SC (FL) Barca Academy Pro Miami (FL) Barca Academy Pro Miami (FL) Futbol Consultants (Costa Rica)  Futbol Consultants (Costa Rica)  Academia O (MX) Aztecas 12 Medina (TXN) Houston Futsal 13 (TXS)  
Coyotes Texcoco (MX)   California Rush (CA) Miami Rush Kendall MLS Next (FL) CEFUCA (MX)  Academia O (MX) Coras FC (MX)  Houston Futsal 12 (TXS) Academia Futbol Pumas (MX)  
South Florida Wolves (FL)   Rayados Rio La Silla (MX) Academia Metodo Coira (FL) Barca Academy Pro Miami (FL) Coras FC (MX)  Eastern Washington Surf (WA)      
    PSL Hurricanes SC (FL) Aztecas 08 White (TXN) Academia Metodo Coira (FL) Barca Academy Pro Miami (FL) Barca Academy Pro Miami (FL)      
    North Scolltsdale Sandshards 07 Gray (AZ) Legends FC 2008 ECNL (CA) Academia Futbol Pumas (MX) Academia Metodo Coira (FL)  Aztecas 11 Blue (TXN)      
    Academia Futbol Pumas (MX) Plantation FC (FL) San Antonio FC MLS Next (TX)  Aztecas FC 10 White (TXN) Houston Futsal 11 (TXS)      
        Legends FC 09 ECNL (CA)

Cuervos 2010 Sinaloa (MX) 

Copa Mazatlan Champions 

FC Juarez Dallas (TXN)      
          Houston Futsal 10 TXS)        
          Escuela Oficial Rayados Monterrey (MX)        
          Plantation FC (FL)        
          San Antonio FC MLS Next (TX)