Team Registration CHECK IN information: 

US BASED TEAMS:  Please review the below information carefully.  If you have any questions, please contact us at or 1-210-305-4821. 

Please review all the following information below:

Teams must be registered with a national or state association that is affiliated with US SOCCER.  Most teams are affiliated with US Youth Soccer Association via their respective state association such as South Texas State Soccer Assn or North Texas State Soccer Assn or other.  Or teams may be affiliated with US Club Soccer or other national entity affiliated with US Soccer.  Team must be affiliated- if a team is unaffiliated or unsanctioned - they would need to register with an entity to acquire the below requirements to be eligible to play. 

NOTICE for USSDA (US Soccer Development Academy teams:  There is team registration for USSDA teams Tuesday (November 20) 700-900pm) Hilton North-Houston (12400 Greenspoint Dr, Houston, TX 77060)​  or may use the Electronic Check in Option outlined below.  

1) Bring tournament team medical release form – signed.  
2) Use the tournament roster template for USSDA / International teams to provide a tournament roster (only for USSDA teams) 
3) Please bring printout from USSoccer DA (Bonzi) to check against Roster form for verification of USSDA registered. (You will not need Player ID Cards)
4) If you have any GUEST players that are not- verfiable against the USSoccer DA roster / Bonzi, those players will need player cards to be used as GUEST players. 




1)  ELECTRONIC CHECK IN OPTION - (for US teams only)

Teams have the option of Electronic Check-in:

DEADLINE FOR E-Check in is November 14th at 1159pm

IN PERSON - REGISTRATION TIMES for those not doing E-Check in :  700-900pm Tuesday November 20th- 

Hilton North-Houston (12400 Greenspoint Dr, Houston, TX 77060)


A.    Official State Roster / or/ US Club Soccer Roster / or/ USSAA / or National organization roster (if other) : with all players that will be playing on the roster - including guest players - can be written in: all players need to have uniform numbers on the rosters.  All coaching staff that will be in the bench area must be on the roster- staffing may be written onto the roster. 

B.    Individua Medical Release forms (any form- there is not a specific tournament form to use)

C.    Team Medical / Liability Release Form:  Use our form- available with the above link or HERE

D.    Player ID cards - we need the front of all players cards scanned and sent it - must be affiliated cards matching official roster

E.    For teams outside of South Texas: Permission to travel per your national association policies.  Note:  current policies for US Club Soccer and USSSA team rosters do not require an additional permission to travel.

F.    UPLOAD in the GOTSoccer tournament registration system -  do not upload until you have all your documents ready.  

H.       You will receive confirmation by Sunday November 18th at night.

I.       E CHECK IN Teams will then receive confirmed registration acceptance and a scanned tournament approved stamped roster. Print 4 copies of this stamped roster to bring to the matches.   Also, there will be a tournament packet of information for your team to pick up at tournament headquarters at the Bear Branch Soccer Complex - prior to your first match.  

2) Team Registration- in person check in option- 

for all teams that do not check in via the Electronic Check-in. 

All international teams must check in - in person. (players do not need to attend check in). 



REGISTRATION LOCATION:  Hilton North - Houston  (12400 Greenspoint Dr, Houston, TX 77060)

Teams will need to bring:

A) 7 COPIES of: Official State Roster / or/ US Club Soccer Roster / or National organization roster (if other) : with all players that will be playing on the roster - with uniform numbers on the rosters

NOTE:  Guest players - can be written in on the rosters:  all players need to have uniform numbers on the  rosters.  Guest players must have player card, medical release, and guest player form from your state association

B) Medical Release forms (there is not a specific tournament form to use)

C)  Team Medical / Liability Release Form:  Use our form- available with the above link or HERE

D) Player ID cards/ international teams may use passports in replacement of Player ID Cards

E) For teams outside of South Texas:  Permission to travel per your national association policies. (note: US Club Soccer and USSAA rostered teams do not need permission to travel forms per their national association rules).  International teams must provide a letter of travel permission from the governing body - ie the National Federation. 

F) Teams will receive 6 stamped rosters in return which they will need to bring to all matches.  A tournament packet of information will be provided. 


3) Game Procedures:  Teams will be responsible for having all rosters/ player cards/ medical releases.  Team will provide a stamped tournament roster to the game officials of each game in addition to the player/ coach cards .  Teams must be at the fields with all documents a minimum of 30 minutes prior to the matches.

 4) Schedules : Scheduling will be posted on Sunday November 11.   The online schedules on the website will always be the most current and official schedules. 

 5) Hotel Reservations:  All teams not from the Greater Houston CVB have the choice of completing the hotel requirements with blocking rooms through the Houston CVB (1-713-853-8973) (English/ Espanol) or email: Elvia Amaro ).    Teams not completing this process by November 9th will be replaced in bad standing, without refunds, or may be allowed to pay the surcharge of $500 if not booking through the CVB.  (Fuerzas Basicas teams of Mexican Pro Clubs and MLS pro club academies have been already handled separately)


Alberto Pedraza

Tournament Director