CF Monterrey Rayados Announces Dates for 9th Edition of Copa

CF Monterrey Rayados Announces Dates for 9th Edition of Copa


CF Monterrey Rayados announces the dates for the 9th Editition of the Copa Rayados Internacional

November 24-28, 2021


What are some of the record and top champions over the past 10 years?




Club (Pro or Amatuer) with the most CRI Championships?  CF Monterrey Rayados, the LigaMX host club, with 14 Championships!  Their record is an impressive: 137W-13D-24L.  Check out the complete list of championships HERE 

What Amateur club has the most CRI Championships?  ITESM Prepa Tec of Monterrey Mexico has 8 championships!  Next are several clubs with 3! 

What is the Pro Club with the best winning percentage All - Time?  UNAM Pumas, the LigaMX club from Mexico City, with a winning percentage of 2.625 and 7 wins - 0 ties - 1 loss.  UNAM Pumas won the inaugural Under 19 Champioship and took 3rd place that year (2013) with their U15 team- the 99 age group.  Check out the complete list of Pro Club HERE 

What Amateur Club from outside of Texas has won the most championships?  Cincinnati United Premier has the distinction of 3 championships!

What Pro Club from the USA has the best winning percentage?  MLS's FC Dallas tops the list at 2.122 and a record of: 33 wins - 5 ties - 11 losses

With over 21 pro clubs participating over the years, only 1 pro club has never lost a game?  MLS's and Canada's Toronto FC is the only pro team to never lose a match!